How can I subscribe to MatchBook?

MatchBook is a professional journal developed with the goal of providing current practical and reliable information and resources to the diverse professional groups engaged in youth firesetting intervention.

Is MatchBook also in Print?

The MatchBook Journal has 2 distribution vehicles: a bi-annual print edition and a consistently updated online website. Both have: Letter from the Editor in Chief, articles from the Editorial Board, thematic interviews, thematic polls. The website also contains: articles from contributors, facts, statistics & misconceptions, JFS event calendar, current events in JFS, resources, past issues and much more.

Who is behind MatchBook?

MatchBook is directed by its Editor in Chief, Dr. Timothy Callahan and is comprised of an Editorial Board representing Juvenile Justice, Schools, Mental Health, Fire Services and Pediatric Burn Care.

How can I subscribe to MatchBook?

Subscribing to MatchBook is free, quick, and provides you many benefits. By taking less than five minutes to sign-up for your print edition, on-line update, or both, you?ll be among the first to know about new and developing practices, research and current events pertaining to youth firesetting, as well as the outcome of our regular poll questions. Additionally, you?ll be able to more quickly participate in our discussions and on-line forums by saving you the time from signing-in each time you submit, participate or respond. Subscribe here to join the MatchBook community.

*If you have any trouble subscribing, please email mcallahan@matchbookjournal.org

How can I contribute an article to MatchBook?

The best discussions, research and practices will come from the most extensive collaboration. Below please find an example list of the types of contributions we are looking for. Just click on the appropriate link to submit. In advance, thank you for rising to the challenge by participating.

Ways to contribute include, but are not limited to:

  • Articles
  • Research
  • Facts, Statistics, Misconceptions
  • Events, Conferences, Workshops, etc
  • Anecdotal Information
  • New Techniques
  • Information on Best Practices
  • Resources
  • Suggestions for MatchBook
  • Other Contributions

I have a suggestion, who should I contact?

Please submit your suggestions to the Publication Manager, by clicking here or emailing suggestions@matchbookjournal.org

How can I add an event to the Event Calendar?

Click here to go to the Community Calendar page.

Is it okay to distribute or use articles I find on MatchBook?

Yes, but you must cite the author of the article and MatchBook. Here is an example citation and format:

“A Call For Change In Our Industry.” MatchBookJournal. May 2009 http://www.matchbookjournal.org

How is the Brandon School affiliated with MatchBook?

The bi-annual printed journal and regularly updated website is printed and maintained by Brandon School and Residential Treatment Center in Natick, MA http://www.brandonschool.org

How can I respond to an article or something I’ve seen on this site?

The best way to respond is with a Contributing Article. Please format your response in an article and send it to mcallahan@matchbookjournal.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I’m having trouble responding to a thread or article. What should I do?

Please contact help@matchbookjournal.org

I’m having trouble subscribing. What should I do?

Please contact help@matchbookjournal.org

How do I cite MatchBook?

Here is an example citation and format:

“A Call For Change In Our Industry.” MatchBookJournal. May 2009 http://www.matchbookjournal.org

How do I tell friends, family and colleagues about MatchBook?

Sign them up here