Meet the Board

MatchBook is made up of an Editorial Board uniquely positioned to speak to and represent their disciplines:

Timothy M. Callahan, Ed.D.

Editor In Chief
Executive Director of Brandon School
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Dr. Callahan has been Executive Director at Brandon for over 27 years. Prior to coming to Brandon, he spent ten years in public education running two separate special education schools. Tim earned his Ed.D from Boston University, where he has continued to teach. His dissertation “Students in Transition to a less Restrictive Residential Treatment Setting” is devoted to serving youth in the most community based setting possible. Tim has been appointed to several boards including the Governor’s Mental Health Commission and the Massachusetts’ “Stuck Kid” Committee. He is currently serving as the President of the Natick Rotary and the Chair Elect of the Massachusetts Children’s League. In addition to his work at Brandon, Tim has been a consultant to a number of residential programs, has presented at national conferences and has served as an “expert witness” in legal cases.

Marion Doctor, LCSW

Pediatric Burn Care Board Member
Former Programs Manager, The Children’s Hospital Burn Program, Denver, CO
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Marion Doctor has served as a clinician and as a Programs Manger for The Children’s Hospital Burn Program and Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine. Marion joined the Burn Team staff in 1978. In that capacity she developed The Children’sHospital Burn Camps Program and The Juvenile Firesetters Assessment and Treatment Program. In 1977, she joined a collaborative effort with Regions Hospital Burn Center in St. Paul, MN and the Shriners Burns Hospital in Galveston, TX to establish a Family Burn Camp in Minnesota and Colorado. In 2001, Marion joined with other burn camp directors to develop the International Association of Burn Camps and was elected as Chairperson. As a result of her contributions, The American Camping Association extended a Special Recognition Award to Marion for Outstanding Service to Organized Camping. Marion has been a member of the Advisory Board for Colorado Safe Kids Coalition, a committee member for the 18th Judicial District Juvenile Firesetter Task Force and Project Staff and Instructor for the Colorado Juvenile Firesetter and Prevention Program. Marion has served as the At-Large Member of the Board of Trustees, the American Burn Association and received the Curtis P. Artz Distinguished Service Award. She currently serves on the Professional Advisory Board for the Zach Burn Foundation and is First Vice President of the Board of Trustees for the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. She has served as a member of the Editorial Board and Psychosocial Forum Editor for the Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation and has published and lectured nationally and internationally.

Robert Stadolnik, Ed. D.

Mental Health Board Member
President of FirePsych, Inc.
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Dr. Robert Stadolnik is a licensed psychologist, President of FirePsych, Inc., and the author of the book Drawn to the Flame: Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Firesetting. Dr. Stadolnik partnered with Brandon Residential Treatment Center in 2005 to pilot a comprehensive, evidence-based firesetting assessment protocol for short-term residential placements. He has recently completed research studies on specialized firesetting populations including adolescents in residential care and adolescent females. Dr. Stadolnik consults to fire safety programs, residential treatment centers, public school systems, and state child welfare agencies. Over the past fifteen years he has completed or supervised over 1,000 firesetting behavior assessments and has provided trainings and workshops on a national level.

Robert Haas

Juvenile Justice Board Member
Police Commissioner, Cambridge, MA
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Early in Commissioner Haas’ career, he was actively interested in working with youth who set fires and distinguished himself during his time as Police Chief in Westwood, MA for his work with juveniles. As the Secretary of Public Safety for Massachusetts, he was responsible for the oversight of several criminal justice and public safety agencies such as the State Police, the Department of Corrections, the National Guard and the Department of Fire Services. Commissioner Haas brings thirty years of law enforcement experience and has completed all the coursework in the Doctorate Program in Law, Policy and Society at Northeastern University. He was appointed Commissioner on April 9th, 2007.

Don Porth

Fire Services Board Member
President of SOS Fires
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Don Porth is a member of Portland Oregon Fire & Rescue. He joined the fire service in 1980 as a volunteer and was then hired by the Salem Oregon Fire Department before transferring to Portland. He is currently a youth firesetting interventions specialist and has worked directly with child firesetting behaviors since 1988. His implementation of the youth firesetting information database has made Portland’s program one of the most noted in the nation. Don is a member of the National Fire Protection Association as a steering committee member for addressing the national youth firesetting problem, and past Chair of Oregon Council Against Arson. Don holds a BS in Fire Command Administration from City University. Don represents “SOS FIRES: Youth Intervention Programs.” SOS FIRES is a non-profit advocacy organization for the issue of youth firesetting intervention. SOS FIRES provides training, conducts research and facilitates communication on the issue of youth firesetting behaviors. Founded in 1996, SOS FIRES strives to serve the national needs surrounding youth firesetting behaviors and intervention programs.