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The Impact of Environment on Firesetting: Guidance for Parents and Caregivers


By Michael L. Slavkin Ph.D.  |  Dec 3, 2010

During my work with children who play with fire or set fires intentionally, one factor has remained constant: adults are inherently curious about the reasons why youth use fire and that almost every person will have a specific…


A Statewide Initiative for Youth Who Set Fires


By Thomas Leonard and Joseph Tondorf  |  Dec 1, 2010

For nearly three decades Massachusetts provided juvenile firesetter intervention services through a loosely formed coalition of providers. This coalition was originally based in the city of Fall River and received…


Juvenile Justice: A Key Partner


By Don Porth  |  Dec 1, 2010

Intervention for fire-involved youth is a tricky business. What makes it so is the wide variation in program structure and function from one community to the next. Some programs are based on an education philosophy which…