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Who’s Taking The Wheel: Road Map to Youth-Guided Care


By Publication Manager  |  May 9, 2014

Responsive interventions are driven by input and participation by youth and families receiving services. “Youth-Guided Care” is a burgeoning concept driven by the belief that youth must be empowered, educated, and given a decision-making role in their own care. Youth-guided care validates youth and family voices and offers a platform for youth to shape intervention and treatment services. This edition of MatchBook, Who’s Taking the Wheel?: Road Map to Youth-Guided Care, highlights opportunities within firesetting intervention to incorporate youth-focused programming and principles.


What Are You Boys Watching?: Media Exposure, Aggression, Parenting, and Firesetting Behavior in Boys (Ages 7-17)


By Robert Stadolnik, Ed.D., Lt. John Egan (Ret), Liz Murphy, LICSW and Kate Myers, LICSW  |  May 8, 2013

Concerns about the impact of a child’s repeated exposure to violence and aggression in various forms of media has been the source of debate for decades.


Strengthening our Homes: From Incident to Outcome


By Publication Manager  |  May 8, 2013

The overwhelming majority of childhood burn injuries and youth set fires occur in homes. Youth firesetting occurs in every community and in homes across the country. It is critical that fire service, mental health, public safety, education, and juvenile justice professionals work together with families to properly prevent firesetting and effectively intervene to keep homes safe and strong.


Development of Best Practices


By Robert Haas  |  Dec 8, 2010

One of the fundamental underlying principles of the juvenile justice system is an acknowledgment that children and adolescents will typically engage in a wide array of behaviors as part of their developmental and learning experiences…


Juvenile Justice: A Strategic Partnership


By Publication Manager  |  Dec 1, 2010

Meri-K Appy joins the Today Show to discover if young children know the dangers of playing with fire.Meri-K Appy joins the Today Show to discover if young children know the dangers of playing with fire.


Connecting the Dots


By Publication Manager  |  Jul 6, 2010

For too long the response to juvenile firesetting has been under and over reacted to; at times the behavior is under reported, while in other incidences the behavior is met with an extreme response.