A New Hope: Changing Parent-Child Relationships with Circle of Security Parenting©


By Charlie Slaughter, MPH, RD  |  May 8, 2013

Many parenting programs focus on teaching techniques to parents to help them manage their children’s behavior. Success is having the child change their behavior so the parent is no longer irritated, angered, etc.


Strengthening our Homes: From Incident to Outcome


By Publication Manager  |  May 8, 2013

The overwhelming majority of childhood burn injuries and youth set fires occur in homes. Youth firesetting occurs in every community and in homes across the country. It is critical that fire service, mental health, public safety, education, and juvenile justice professionals work together with families to properly prevent firesetting and effectively intervene to keep homes safe and strong.


Keeping Students Safe through Collaboration


By Lauren Gilbert  |  Dec 8, 2010

Schools, in collaboration with the police, fire and mental health departments, have an obligation to provide a safe learning environment for students so they may achieve academic success…


An Assessment Opportunity in Juvenile Justice


By Elizabeth Maestranzi, LICSW  |  Dec 3, 2010

There is a staggering number of youth nationally who are known, by arrest or detention, to the juvenile justice system as a direct result of problem firesetting and arson. Once identified, their firesetting behavior…


Juvenile Justice: A Strategic Partnership


By Publication Manager  |  Dec 1, 2010

Meri-K Appy joins the Today Show to discover if young children know the dangers of playing with fire.Meri-K Appy joins the Today Show to discover if young children know the dangers of playing with fire.


Connecting the Dots


By Publication Manager  |  Jul 6, 2010

For too long the response to juvenile firesetting has been under and over reacted to; at times the behavior is under reported, while in other incidences the behavior is met with an extreme response.