About the Journal

What is the Journal?

MatchBook is a professional journal and website developed to provide current practical and reliable information and resources to the diverse professional groups engaged in juvenile firesetting intervention.

MatchBook’s printed journal is published twice a year and is enhanced with this frequently updated website. Both the journal and website are maintained by Brandon School & Residential Treatment Center.

Why is MatchBook important?

Every year, juvenile firesetting is responsible for hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries, property loss in the hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as significant personal trauma and family disruption. MatchBook provides a unifying forum for the dissemination of reliable and current firesetting prevention and intervention information to a multi-disciplinary professional audience.

More specifically, MatchBook provides professionals the regular opportunity to receive practical and evidenced based information, to locate training and teaching resources, and to share emerging practices and challenges.

How can you get involved?

MatchBook’s success will arise from its collaborative approach and commitment to helping the diverse professional groups who are critical to the successful efforts in reducing juvenile firesetting.

To submit an article or other information, please contact Dr. Timothy Callahan, Editor in Chief: tcallahan@brandonschool.org