Lessons Learned

Lessons learned is a collection of real world experience throughout all field that are effected by youth firesetting. If you would like to share a lesson learned with the MatchBook Community submit it here!

  • Family involvement is key to understanding firesetting and intervention.
  • Assessment and evaluation is an on-going process. If we jump to an early conclusion about why a child is firesetting we run the risk of failing to get a true and accurate picture. When you try to simplify too quickly, you risk missing the complexity of the full story.
  • Even children who have been burned can continue to be fascinated with fire and firesetting.
  • Parents of firesetting children often don’t truly understand the potential for harm, damage, legal charges and financial ramifications.
  • Each child has something new to offer and to teach us.
  • Multidisciplinary teamwork can be very fun, stimulating and energizing.